Blood Online

Blood Online

By LadyVampyre

The cursor blinked impatiently in the space beside the "NAME" command while he mused over the hundreds of options from his centuries-long existence.

So very many to choose from.

So very, very many.

"Lord Blackthorne" came to mind. He thought that fitting enough in this world of pseudonyms and typed the name in the space provided.

Then he hit "Join."

The cyberworld opened before him, as easily as the Real World when faced with his Immortal power. Sadly, it was almost "too" easy.

He received an invitation to converse with someone named "Alexis de Vampyre," a few seconds later. He smiled to himself, a charming, roguish smile so compelling that it was a shame that there was no one there to witness it. Running his tongue along the tips of his fangs he accepted the invitation and awaited "Alexis'" opening remarks.

To his surprise, they appeared very quickly.

"Ah...I see a Lord has joined our fold. How exciting! Welcome to our Coven, Lord Blackthorne."

He paused a moment after reading, marveling at the seriousness in which they played, the reality they endeavored to create. He laughed. If only they understood the full panorama of possibilities.

"IF" they only knew.....

His thin fingers danced across the keyboard. "Why, my charming Alexis, how sweet of you to welcome me with such warmth and admiration. I assume from your boldness you are no fledgling here?"

In the moment that passed as he awaited her reply, he sat back and closed his eyes, allowing his mind to scan the infinite web of other minds and souls tangled invisibly around him. Finally, he had her: Sweet Alexis, in actuality, Anne Shaefer, of San Francisco, California. An immortal only within the confines of cyberspace. Beyond that, she was sweetly and deliciously mortal. He ran his tongue over hungry lips.

"Quite right M'Lord. I am one of the oldest you will find here. I have quite a rich and tangled I'm sure you can well imagine. But...somehow...all Dark Angels seem the same in that respect, oui?"

Oh, this was more fun than he could have imagined. Such an innocent thing she was. Alexis had no idea that the creature on the other end of the line played no game. At least, not the same one as she. No, he played the game for Real and Forever. A distinct and severe difference.

He wondered how she would feel about that...If she knew...

"True, dear Alexis, true. We all have long pasts filled with wild stories. Savage passion. All of them fascinating and terrible, no doubt. But...that is part of our charm n'cest pas? And, although you proclaim to be Eldest here, I’m afraid I may be stealing that honor from you. I have been in existence longer than you can imagine."

Again, the cursor blinked.

Did any of them ever suspect that one among them might be the Real Thing? Did any of them ever pause to think that they had set up the perfect "coven" for a True Immortal? A place where he could come and be himself without discovery, to toy with mortals to his heart's content, and, perhaps, to find a pick or two among them -- for the Drink or perhaps even the Dark Gift itself?

They all say they believe, but, like the Priests breathlessly awaiting the Second Coming, would they truly believe it if it happened? If they found themselves standing face to face with their greatest Fantasy, would they emrace it?

Do they "Truly" Believe?

"Is that so M'Lord Blackthorne?" Alexis returned. "Well, perhaps we must share that claim, you and me. I'm not certain that I would be willing to abdicate altogether."

Yes, he thought, play with all your heart, child. Let loose the passions and desires the world will not allow you.

"My dear Alexis. In the time I have been alive, I have learned that prominent positions are never to be shared. They are to be had, lost, perhaps reclaimed. I am here to challenge your right to this particular "throne" and will settle for no less than solitary reign."

Her response came quicker this time, "A threat! From one so new!? My, my, we are brave, are we not? But, I fear that you have met your match my dear Blackthorne."

Now he laughed out loud, a full buoyant sound in the night, far less evil than one might expect from a creature such as he.

"Met my match? In you? Hah! You are truly amusing sweet mortal. Amusing, indeed. But, pause and think a moment. Do you really know who you are dealing with here? Or what, for that matter? Do you ever really know of the creature with whom you converse?"

"Mortal!" she snapped back, not picking up the turn he had taken. "You dare throw such an insult at me? I am growing weary and impatient with you M'Lord. I would hate to have to come to blows with you. The outcome, shall I venture, might not suit one so ‘fresh.’"

Fresh? He fired back quickly, not wanting to lose momentum now, wanting her to stumble in her certitude. "Sweet Alexis, I believe that you have missed my point. I am quite serious at the moment. You are a mortal, in truth. And also, in truth, you know nothing of me. Nothing of the real truth, and so I say to you now, be warned. For I may be more than you think I am."

Alas, she would never figure that out.

"Okay, I give," she answered. "You are good, whoever you are. I bow to your superior ability. You do make it fun, though."

Again, he smiled, shaking his head. "No, no, Alexis...Still you miss my point. All I am good at is being who I am. What I am. Even as you are not. I proffer no hallow proclamations. And so my warning to you is quite real. You are the one who would be no match for me. Indeed, no match, at all."

He sat back in his chair now, pushing away from the keyboard. He tapped nervous fingers on worn surface of his mahogany desk. The cursor flashed on the screen, but, his sweet Alexis did not return. The night breeze had begun to whip through his open aerie. He wrapped his cloak tighter about him.

Oh...perhaps...he had scared her off? Again he laughed to himself, a sound that started small, but grew larger and more fierce as the blinking cursor remained unmoving.

Yes. He had found his place.

A place amidst a torrent of mortals immersed in make-believe he could conduct and direct as he saw fit.

There were so many of them.

So very, very many.

And...he had all the time in the world...

Copyright 1996 by Kym Cook

Bio: Kym Cook, aka on the Internet as LadyVampyre, has been researching the subject of Vampyres for over 3 years. She has immersed herself in the subject, both in written works as well as in the "lifestyle" itself.

She is a member of the HWA (Horror Writers of America) and the IAW (International Association of Writers). Her works have been published on the web and she has recently submitted stories to Circlet Press (chap books) and is currently working on a novel for one of the major Romance Novel Houses. (name cannot be mentioned as contract is still pending)

In her private life, she lives much like a vampyre...sleeping during the day and writing/working at night. She attends various goth/vampyre functions at a local club aptly called "The Inferno." She shares a modest home in the Midwest with a significant other, one dog and one cat whom she says, laughingly: "Try their utmost to keep me away from the computer."

She can be e-mailed at: and the URLof her webpage is:

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