Tales From The Mare Inebrium

Story Pulled For Publication

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Fast Friends

"In which we learn how the D'rrish Kazsh-ak Teir met and became friends with the Reever and Guiles Thornby, just in time to join the battle against Valleor, the Chaos God of Bethdish."

A retelling of one part of the novel "The Threat of Valleor" – The Reever leads a small band of adventurers on a far journey to confront Valleor and rescue missing people from all over Bethdish. Valleor is temporarily trapped by a spell cast by Tinhill of Urth (the retired High Priest of Antuth) utilizing the combined powers of all the magic-users on Bethdish, augmented by a powerful relic in the Collector's Museum. Tinhil dies from the magical energy channeled through his body before completing the spell- confining Valleor for a while, but not for all time as intended. Kazsh-ak Teir, at age 193, meets Guiles Thornby during this adventure.

I have pulled this story offline at the request of publisher Dark Oak Press because it has now been released in an anthology of my Mare Inebrium Stories. Available in Hardback, Paperback, Kindle e-book, and Nook e-book formats.