Ten Years at the Bar

By Gareth D Jones

A Mare Inebrium story

Mare Inebrium universe created by Dan L. Hollifield

        The scritch are a species who’s ability to remain motionless would put a lichen to shame.  Their ability to blend in with the background would make a chameleon look like an unbounded extrovert.  Their interest in the social interactions of other species would have been legendary had anyone noticed them.

        “Well.”  Said Skape, the older of the two scritch that had sat at the bar in the Mare Inebrium for ten whole years.  “That certainly was interesting.”

        “Indeed.”  Scroot agreed, the longest sentence he had uttered in a decade.

        The two ambled slowly away from the bar, up the three stairs and out the door.

        Trixie leaned over the bar and stared in surprise, then shrugged her shoulders.  She had seen stranger things in the Mare Inebrium than a pair of bar stools walking off by themselves.

The End

© 2007 by Gareth D Jones

Gareth is from England and mostly writes science fiction, with stories published by seven different magazines both on line and in print. He is now in his last year of part-time study for a degree in Environmental Science, a subject that, so far, has inspired none of his stories. 'The Grey Void' is a sequel of sorts to The Gray Hole ('Gray' versus 'Grey' being an example of editorial interference). Links to his published stories can be found at Gareth D Jones Science Fiction.

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