Trigeminus: Part Three


By Dennis Tallent

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Chapter 3

So here I am in Air Force One no less. I could get used to this VIP treatment. Was I going Hollywood? I hoped not. All I wanted was to settle down with a nice couple, keep house, raise a family. To have a traditional triune life. Really, that is what I wanted to do. What's wrong with that? I brought my youngest sib, Ten Speed, with me. That one wasn't close to a mating frenzy yet. I wanted to keep an eye on it to keep it out of trouble. Listen to me talk like the elder sib who is so level headed and mature. I had been flirting with every pair of skirts and slacks that had walked past me. Yeah, I've been a good example of proper decorum lately. Did I tell you how my sib, Ten Speed, got its name. It was years ago, after we had listened to the reports on the Tour de France. The race inspired my sib to build a bicycle. That it had never seen a bicycle did not deter it from trying to build one. It built a riding contraption that really worked! And off it went on its own personal race across Europe. Well, it was really from deck to deck. After running over several companions, and finally colliding with an old one, it found its "bicycle" racing days over. But it was always called Ten Speed after that. (Since we have come to earth I have seen real bicycles. Ten Speed's thing did not come close to being a bicycle. I haven't had the hearts to tell it. I will just let it find out for itself.)

The crew has been most friendly with us but can't decide what to call us. I have been addressed as Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs., Sir, madam, excellency, Ambassador, and even Sergeant. That one came from an attractive steward named Ray who was a fellow Beatle's fan. He was witty, charming and thoroughly gay. (sigh) It was an impulsive, not to say unnatural thing to do, but we sneaked away and sequestered ourselves in a closet, so to speak. I wrapped my spinal braids around his neck, plugged in, and gave him a shot of pleasure. It felt good to me too. When you're hooked into another person's central nervous system you can feel each others pleasure simultaneously. It is sort of like a sensory double exposure. Triple exposure when you do it the way nature intended. I also had a scientific reason to do this. Well, I did. I wanted a semen sample so I could begin to analyze and establish my own baseline for normal human DNA. (I had plenty of examples in my molecular memory but sometimes you want to do things for yourself.) It was a simple matter to absorb the semen through my braid and shunt it into my reproductive organ, let's call it my atelier, for further study. Hmm, I could tell he was a noninsulin dependent diabetic, left handed, good IQ configuration with musical potentials; there were a few anomalous structures present, but I liked his DNA. After I stripped out the problem genes I could do some good work with this stuff. I decided to keep it for later use.

Ray begged me to mate with him and his lover after our tryst. (I know it was a stupid thing to do.) Leaving aside my desire for a normal home life, a relationship with two gay males seemed overly complex to me. Technically I could make babies from two sperm but I would have to have a loving female companion to carry the fetuses. I just could not see putting my offspring into someone that I was not bound to. Anyway the basic process is that I let the embryos develop inside me until they reach the implantation stage. (This is theory. I am a virgin you know.) After which I would implant them into my life partner's uterus. Gee, this is embarrassing to talk about. I hope it doesn't fall on me to explain the facts of life to my kids. I can hear them ask me, what do you do with those braids parent? I'm busy, go ask your mother. Ray and I parted on friendly terms but I still felt guilty about the whole thing. I resolved that I was never going to do this again.

The next few days blurred together. I was being treated like I was a head of state, although I wasn't. I met with Mr. President who was quite nice and I was amazed at the amount of groceries he could put away. We discussed the role of triunes in the new order of things and made some plans for public education. Realistically that was all we could do. From what I had heard, every one of my ship board companions had scattered willy nilly across the country after disembarkation. This drove the bureaucrats crazy because they had wanted to give all of us numbers and papers and silly stuff like that. We didn't care. What was the INS going to do, deport us? And any fears I had about assimilation quickly disappeared. In this childless country couples were fighting each other for the right to court a triune. Even Mr. President was hitting on me. The Mr. Presidents were a nice couple but they were too old to be having children. I declined as politely as I could.

The media was all over me. I think it must have been this way for the Beatles. I was described as being everything from the savior of humankind to being an agent of Satan. I recall this guy screaming at me about this agent of Satan thing. I tried to explain to him as best as I could that I was not arranging any book or movie deals for this person, and was not a business agent for anyone. He gave me the strangest look. The only thing that made me angry was this newspaper person who said I was pushing deviant sexual behavior on the public. Deviant!!!!! I am a perfectly normal well-adjusted trisexual thank you very much. (I swear the thing with Ray was just a fluke.)

The government set me up in this pleasant place called Hotel. They gave this expense account which meant people would give me things in exchange for the expense. I am not real clear on this concept but I am working on it. At the first two parties I attended, I found there was this couple who followed me around. They never said anything but they smiled a lot. I wondered if I was acquiring some groupies.

After I had attended a couple of parties inside the beltway (see how hip I am getting), Mr. Aide suggested that I should buy some clothes because nudity was not considered proper social behavior. I did not see why that should apply to me because I had nothing to hide. Even so I went out on my first shopping trip with some delightful companions from the secretive service. It was OK with me if they didn't want to tell me what they did. Want to know something? Shopping is fun! And through shopping I found out that male clothing was not for me. Pants irritated the dickens out of the sensory fringes on my legs. And shirts did the thing to the fringes on my arms, but mostly they restricted the use of my spinal braids. Did I tell you they are motile? I use them like an extra set of arms but not so much in public because it tends to disturb regular people. For reason it also tends to disturb them when I tell them they are my sexual organs. I wonder why? Female clothing was more suited for me. I settled for a number of backless dresses and gowns. This left my spinal appendages and fringes free to move. I also rather like wearing earrings. The downside of this was that people tended to treat me like I was a female. Clothes may make the man or woman but they did not make the triune. Later on this lead me to call one of those fashion designers. We got together and worked out some practical but elegant dress wear for today's triune. The Pepper line did quite well but that is another story.

Anyway I had to attend a formal dinner party so I thought I would buy a black evening gown. The sales clerk thought the black gown set off my white hair to good effect. She said I was a fine looking woman.

"I am not a woman."

"Oh, that's right, you newcomers are sexless."

"No, dear, I am my own sex. A triune. We are the third human sex."

I am not sure she understood. I knew then it was going to take some time for the average person to understand that just because we had no 'obvious' genitalia, we were not genderless. As I was modeling my new clothes, I saw a young couple in front of the store being robbed by a pair of punks. (Robbery is another one of those concepts which I find confusing.) I rushed by my secretive companions on the way outside. When I got outside the door I swiftly stung the punks with my spinal braids. I didn't kill them you understand, I only stunned them. That was a trick I learned from the elders. I could build an electric charge in body large enough to knock someone out. I seldom did it though because I don't like violence but mostly it gives me such a terrific headache.

Gosh, life in the big city was certainly different from shipboard living.

The couple looked quite shaken. I recognized them then as the groupies who had been following me around the Washington dinner party circuit. I quickly brushed them with my spinal braids and injected them with a minor tranquilizer I swiftly make up from my bodily compounds. I don't think they noticed what I did. Ah yes, there is nothing up my sleeve, the braid is quicker than the eye. The he had a cut on his lips and his clothes were dirty but otherwise he was intact. The she was just frightened.

"Are you two all right?" I asked. They looked at each other and nodded yes.

"You're Pepper, the leader of the newcomers, aren't you?" asked the male. (Like he didn't know.)

"Yes, I am Pepper, but I am not the leader, just the speaker for my people. I have a room at a nearby hotel place. Come back with me and you can get your cloths cleaned, and I will order us some food."

"That is very nice of you," they said together.

"My limo transportation is here. Enter inside with me." I found that they were Michael and Patricia O'Connor of the city of Seattle in the United State of America Washington. Not the un-united state of District Washington. He was an attractive well built man of twenty-five, who designed software for computers. It sounded like arranging molecular memory chains for the ship's mind which I had done on occasion. Patricia his female spouse, an attractive red-haired person, had been a teacher of young children. We started right off being comfortable with each other. The irony of the situation was that this was the first couple I had not flirted with. I was just trying to help two people in trouble.

We got to my room and I called room service for the evening meal. We sat and talked through the evening and drank this Champaign stuff which made me feel good. I told them of my parents, shipboard life, and about triunes in general. They told me all about their careers and friends and hobbies. They were both very warm people with humorous personalities. Pat went into the bathroom for a moment, then came back out.

"Say there's a Jacuzzi in here."

"What is a Jacuzzi?" I asked.

"It's a bath of circulating hot water. Let's all relax in it. Come on Pepper, you will like it."

They lead me into the bathroom and started up the Jacuzzi thing. They took off their clothes and settled slowly into the swirling water. I didn't think anything unusual about this because so called nudity was a way of life for triunes. I followed them into the water and found it to be quite soothing.

Mike and Pat eased up close to me and they began to stroke my body.

"Your body hair feels like velvet," said Pat.

I mumbled something about it not being hair but I never finished the sentence. Mike stroked the smooth area between my legs.

"Does that feel good?" he asked.

Although that was not a sexual area for me it still felt rather pleasant to be stroked there. "Oh yes don't stop." Pat and Mike put their arms around my shoulders and began to kiss me all over my face.

This was so…I may be socially naïve but I am not stupid. I was being seduced. And if I had been more aware of the effects of alcohol I think I would have proceeded more slowly. But as it was, I was well and truly plastered. I wrapped my braids around their necks and slightly stimulated the pleasure centers of their brains. Their bodies tensed up and then relaxed. Oh my, real sex was shaping up to be even better than I could imagine.

"Let's go to the bedroom," I whispered. We fell on the bed still sopping wet. "Love Pat the way you always do," I instructed Mike. They coupled as I lay next to them. We were all one neural net and soon lost all sense of who was doing what to whom. The climax! I lost all control of my bodily functions and injected them with the mating-bonding hormone. For better or worse, it was a done deal.

I restimulated their brain's sexual response centers and they were ready to go again. I was embracing Pat and kissing her when Mike did his thrusty male thing upon my backside. This was quite improper because triunes never participate directly in the recreational sex act. (As opposed to reproductive sex, which is a different thing entirely.) I should not be enjoying this but I was. I WAS! And the climax came again and we all howled. I had to break the connection before we killed each other with pleasure. We lay together in a heap and for the longest time caressed each other.

I had found my mates.

To be continued

Copyright 1997 by Dennis Tallent

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Dennis Tallent is a native son of the state of Texas; the direct desendent of an officer of the Texas Revolutionary Army. He is an active member of MENSA, The Libertarian Party and Tebala Shrine Temple. At the moment he is a nursing student at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois.

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