Trigeminus: Part Two


By Dennis Tallent

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Chapter 2

Hot dog! We were descending. Everybody was crawling on top of each other to look out the observation ports. We weren't exactly scared but we were sure anxious. Who knew what was going to happen next? I met with my companion coordinators from all decks and we held a meeting. Don't ask me how, but I got tapped to be the spokesperson for the ship. There it was, I had greatness thrust upon me, and I wasn't liking it one little bit. It was about that time I realized just how many of us there were. For the first time all the cohorts were awake at the same time! There must have been a million of us running around the ship. It was all quite overwhelming. Creator, Destroyer and Preserver, I had enough trouble speaking for my own deck.

Here comes old flat top, he come grovin' up slowly,

He got Joo Joo eyeball

He one holy roller.

He got hair down to his knee.

Got to be a Joker

He just do what he please

Come together, Right now over me.

"Where are we headed!" I shouted over the din.

"California! I think," a companion replied.

Now there is a surprise, I thought. Where else would a slap happy crew like this be unleased but in La La Land. I had a humorous thought of settling down in San Francisco with a pair of dykes. That would have horrified Beloved Parent. It was possible though. I could make a fine baby with two eggs as easily as with an egg and sperm. Give me something haploid and I was a happy person. Seriously I doubted that I could circumvent my own basic instincts to do that unless there were no males left on earth. I didn't think that was the case but at any rate I was about to find out. Like right now! The shuttle jolted slightly, and then there was silence. This way to the great egress.

The main ramp lowered slowly until it touched the ground. I screwed up my courage and boldly went where none of us had gone before. Trinity, look at all the people! My boldly going started to suddenly slip.

This huge 'man?' walked towards me. What an ugly shade of green his skin was. Contact dermatitis? Oh, this must be clothing. Everyone seemed to have the clothing. None of us were wearing clothes. I wondered if naked people had any influence in society. I was sure now that he was a he because his smell registered in my memory base. I cleared my throat and said, "Could you take me to your leader." I thought he would die laughing. That hurt my feelings because I wasn't trying to be humorous. He took me to a long black transport. I think this must be a car.

I crawled in beside a pair who were also wore the greenish clothes but they looked more decorative. Oh, it was a couple. A real genuine human couple and they looked/tasted/smelled really good. "You two are gorgeous," I said spontaneously. I must admit I ogled them shamelessly. 'Help my brains have fallen and they can't get up.' I think they were trying to ask me some questions but it wasn't coming through. "What are you two doing after work? Would you like to go out?" Trinity, I was so aroused. They were looking uncomfortable. I don't think they had anticipated this line of questioning from me.

"Ah, well, that is, I was planning to do something important…I think," he said with a glazed look. I ran my fingers through their interesting hair. My pheromones were pumping and they were starting to come around when the car came to a stop. When the driver opened the door they both flew away. Really the she was dragging the reluctant he away. I must have made a faux pas but I wasn't sure. I gathered up my bruised ego and tried to make a graceful exit from the vehicle. The driver was making an effort not to laugh for which I was grateful.

Uniforms! That is what most of these people were wearing. Sure, this must be a military base. I know what you're thinking, what a dumb bunny. But this was the first time I had seen real earth type people. Well, that's not quite true. Until the moment I got into the Limo I had forgotten what I had done as a child. This is a secret just between you and me. As I told you before our Triskelion parents wouldn't let us view video signals from earth. They thought it would give us a prejudiced view of different kinds of people so they jammed the signals. But there was this time when Ten Speed, Dodger, Jumpin' Jack Flash and I sneaked into the comm room and pirated a video signal onto a data sphere. All we got was two minutes of a signal called The Royal Wedding. At that age we didn't know a lot about earth culture but even we knew that regular earth people didn't break out into spontaneous acts of singing and dancing. We figured it must be a traditional type of earthish arts. Later on I learned it was a thing called a movie. I had this thing for the dancing couple for a long time. That is until I found the Fab Four.

Anyway I found myself being escorted into this big public room filled with all kinds of men and women. For me it was smörgåsbord. This male who said he was a presidential aide asked me to speak to the media. Well, I had never talked before an audience before but I thought I could do it. I hoped they were not going to give me the Nixon treatment.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present the speaker for the newcomers, Mr. Pepper."

I stood before the tall things, the microphones, and cleared my throat. "Ah, that is, just call me Pepper. I got the name from Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. That remark seemed to puzzle them.

"Pepper, Bill Morgan, Chicago Daily News, what planet do you come from?"

"No planet, I was born on my parent's space ship, as you would call it."

"Pepper what do you think of human beings?" asked another reporter.

"I like you a lot but then I am biased," I replied with a smile.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a human being just like you." The room became quiet. Was I handling this correctly?

The same woman asked, "Would you care to explain that?"

"Our parents, the old ones, were not human. But they made us from human DNA. I know we look different from you but then we have a different function."

"Pepper, I am Wolf Nitzer, from the Jerusalem Post. What do have to do with the vaccine?"

"What vaccine?" I asked blankly.

"The vaccine against the sterility virus. There has not been a baby anywhere in the world for the past fifteen years."

"I don't know where you got that idea," I said. "We have no medicine for the sterility plague. Didn't the old ones tell you?"

"Tell us what?"

"About us."

"What about you?"

"We are the medicine."

"What the hell are you talking about," he said with exasperation.

"We are a gift from the Triskelion race to the human race. We, who are called triunes, are to perform as the third human sex. You can have babies when you mate with us." Things got a little crazy for a few minutes. I don't think they were angry just badly confused.

"Carol Baker, Medical Correspondent for CBN. Do I understand that you are saying that you are neither male or female?"

"That is correct. In Triskelion society, that is our parent's society, there are males, females and triunes. The triunes, which include us human triunes, are genetic intermediaries. If I were mated, I would take an egg from my female spouse, sperm from my male spouse and put them together. My body has an organ in which I can do genetic engineering. I can strip out genetic defects, improve or rearrange genes for optimum performance. You know, ordinary stuff like that. And when the eggs are mature enough I implant them in my female spouse. You can make plenty of fine healthy babies when you mate with us. I'm single if any couples are interested." They got kind of rowdy again. This must be one of those tough rooms like they have in Vegas. It was during this brief intermission that I felt a kind of a dizziness or dissonance in mind. I felt like what I had just said was not entirely the truth. But I had no idea why I should feel that way.

"Are you saying that humankind is finished as a bisexual species."

"That is the new reality. If you want to survive you must become a trisexual species. The only other option is extinction. But our way will not be a bad way to live. Triads are very loving and stable relationships. As I said before, we human triunes are a gift from the Triskelion to ensure your, our, survival. Don't be afraid of change. Don't be afraid of us. We only offer love and continuity of the human race."

I was whisked away after my "closing statement". From the start the earth humans had not understood what the old ones were offering. I could understand how this could happen. The Triskelions were an alien race. I was raised by them and even I did not understand them half the time. I could plainly see how both parties screwed up. The aide man, the suit people and the uniform people were quite upset. They were talking about placing us in quarantine.

"You can not do that," I told them. If you prevent us from mating we will die. Besides, knowing my companion's, ah, desires as I do, I can tell you that many have already mated with willing couples."

One of the suit people said, "We must separate them immediately!"

"That is not an option," I told them. "Our mating is a biological act not a social one. A mated triad is bound together for life. If you separate them the triad will die. Short of killing us all there is no way to stop this from happening. Are you prepared to kill us all, and kill now?" They did not reply to my challenge. "Then you must turn your energies to prepare human society for change. That is what I will tell Mr. President."

To be continued

Copyright 1997 by Dennis Tallent

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Dennis Tallent is a native son of the state of Texas; the direct desendent of an officer of the Texas Revolutionary Army. He is an active member of MENSA, The Libertarian Party and Tebala Shrine Temple. At the moment he is a nursing student at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois.

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