Post January 06, 2008, 12:36:59 PM

Re: Alter Id by McCamy Taylor

Interesting and complicated story. I agree with Gareth about all those SF ingredients.

Neat idea.

All of it worked for me except the conclusion. It was too pat. The Doctor just happens to know all the right union leaders to stop the evil corporation's plot dead in its tracks. The cyborg assassin goes along with changing back into his weak, servant self (with a little protesting, I realize), when he could have had his own, stronger agenda. I mean, he really doesn't have to change back, does he? Who's going to make him if he doesn't want to? The girlfriend is forgiven outright for a complete betrayal that brought murderers into their home. Then, the Doc announces his plans to use the cyborg to help all those like him.

Somewhat benevolent for a mad scientist with a recognized god complex, I thought.

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