When the Light is Gone, by Phoenix Stern

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Post August 11, 2018, 02:18:37 PM

When the Light is Gone, by Phoenix Stern

This dish is somewhat underdone. Great ending, but it intruded before I really understood what was going on.
Cary Semar
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Re: When the Light is Gone, by Phoenix Stern

I thought this balanced the line between too much and too little information well enough, but it did require a careful reading to catch the important information. The first paragraph was almost too heavy-handed; and the list of the narrator's cellmates seemed superfluous. I can see how the fates of the other characters built the dread of the piece, but, again, it felt almost too heavy-handed. I did like the link between global catastrophe and the abrupt rise in insanity and the return to the mass use of insane asylums to handle the increased insane population. I would have liked to have seen more of the personal narrative of the main character. Was she really insane when she went in? Who was it the main character loved? What was their attachment? That sort of thing.

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Post August 14, 2018, 09:18:15 AM

Re: When the Light is Gone, by Phoenix Stern

I like the diary format. The beginning grabs my attention and the remainder of the story holds it. Edgar Allen Poe comes to mind as I read this. Poe had a propensity for creating horror similar to how this author approached it.

I must say, I like it!! Very good-- of course I enjoyed Poe when a teenager and have always thought about his stories.

In this story I liked the word usages, the descriptions, and the use of sensory inputs that were the correct amount in my opinion.

As the story progressed, the more interesting to me it became as the author walked us down the path of insanity! Good.

Apparently, the author insinuated that debt caused so many to go crazy that the state had to reopen former mental institution to house them. Debt can be a problem if one lets it get to one!

This story's strong points are the description of insanity, the mental institution and the depth one falls to when going insane!

Very nice job!!
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