The Rusalka's Embrace by Christopher Palmer

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The Rusalka's Embrace by Christopher Palmer

What I like about this story, and others like it, were the way it lets the reader guess with good accuracy of whats coming.

People like to think the surprise will be different. That two creatures bond, maybe even become friends or lovers, only to have the reality that death is involved in one form or another.

Well done and enjoyable.

As to critique, it is to show that many people who write, write for the moment or period of time they are living in.

If one reads a story written one-hundred years ago, notice the language. Characters written as they would be during the horse and buggy days. Nowadays, "I'm so out of here," or other sentences embraced by a constantly changing society of wordage, sometimes can clutter up a story. So in a few years a reader might become a bit confused.

If I wrote, 'I had a gay time at the beach', fifty years ago, the reader would think it was a 'fun' time. So, that's my only critique when reading the sentence, "Okay. Officially getting creeped out here," Alexa said, so as far as critiques go, mine is pretty tame.


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Re: The Rusalka's Embrace by Christopher Palmer

Thanks for the review! I get your point on the colloquialisms and I'll try to be more aware of that in the future. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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