The Champion by C. E. Gee

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The Champion by C. E. Gee

The beginning could have been crafted better to grab one’s attention. Throughout the story narrations became the main telling technique; I usually like a balance between show and tell but the narration in this story did work.

What’s amazing about this story is the more I read, the more I became infatuated with it! The story started off rather stereotyped but gradually developed into a tale that grabbed my interest and held it. Good job.

The ending intrigued me. Maryann transformations is perplexing. The fight between the two army buddies is also perplexing to me but in many ways I can understand how the phantom world of a Vietnam Vet can linger, and how images and situations can become foreign and unfamiliar just by a word or song played. I’m a Vietnam Vet also. The ending sits well with PDSD and it’s the images and feeling that are forced upon one’s mind.

Many times after returning from ‘Nam, things would change to me during the course of the day.
I believe the author interjected some feelings about people just by he way Maryann changed.
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Re: The Champion by C. E. Gee

Just FYI--duplicate of this post deleted by me.
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