Obscurity by M. C. St. John

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Obscurity by M. C. St. John

Interesting story–---one that depicts the jealousy between individuals that want fame! Yes, the professor and his assistant eyeing the honor of being the first to announce the discovery of a find in the universe. What the find is we never know.

Good intro for it got my attention and directed my thoughts to Seti. However, the story suggests a planet was found around a star.

I like the dialogue and the exchange between Professor Teasdale and Collins about who should be honored about the find. The honor should go to Professor Teasdale with honorable mention to Collins. Collins found the thing, but it was Professor Teasdale's work the zeroed in on the find!

The story mentions Edison. Tesla did more for electrical engineering than Edison but Edison gest most of the credit as the father of modern electricity. Too bad for others like Charles Steinmetz also were instrumental.

The two get into a fight and both die as they struggle. The Janitor, an amateur star gazer, comes in, looked through the telescope and sees the find. The story suggests that he gets the credit.

Good story, good writing and an enjoyable read.
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Re: Obscurity by M. C. St. John

Interesting story indeed! Both characters are very nicely depicted and you can't help but sympathize with the assistant.

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