Post February 10, 2018, 09:26:21 AM

A Fluke So Rare by John Delaughter

Nice short that is environmentally interesting with a twist at the end.

Into worked by getting my attention with the Russian Attache and the America exchanging comments. I like how the story moves toward the theme: Aliens here for commerce and not war! The Cameleopardians----a name unspeakable by humans—have a spaceship near the moon, and they requested trading with humans and they get it.

The Australian Vegemite is the first commodity the be traded, and the other countries are jealous.

The story gives a short lecture on DNA and how humans can produce various chemicals on a small scale within our bodies. I Guess the Cameleopardians don’t have that capabilities, or else what they need isn’t in them. I don’t know but I can say this story is different.

I assume that the world governments united together and gave the Cameleopardians all the blue whales in the oceans! For their meat or for there ability to make chemicals, vitamins and minerals by natural processes within that specie of whale. In return, earth gets a warp drive.

We do have an issues here: Commerce versus the environment! How far would the human race go to friend an alien race? Give up whales for a ‘Warp Drive?’

I wonder how the UN would react to a offer like that one above? I'm sure many protesters would be there!

The story held my interest from beginning to end. It reminded me of the old ‘Twilight Zone’ and the episode involving the Chanimites----not sure of the spelling. It also reminded me of one of the Star Trek movies.

Liked it!!
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