Post August 06, 2017, 12:58:10 PM

Soul for Sale by Susan Anwim

Like the first paragraph, and the way she used words like “swallowed.”

This story fulfills my first commandment: A story must grab one’s attention, someway, somehow, and by some means. All through the read, this story also held my interest. She became little confusing as to what was happening, but with a story that grabs ones attention, it’s the action that matters. Good stories should be entertaining and not intellectual. It’s okay to have a moral issue or some social concern, but issues that border on religion or philosophy should be keep to a minium and relative to the story and not too in-depth. This story didn’t present that problem, and I only added an opinion in general.

I”ve read another one of her story. It had to be five-months ago since because of some family issues I haven’t been too active.

Very good read!!
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