RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

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Post March 20, 2017, 10:29:47 PM

RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

RED ALERT! This is not a drill, this is an actual emergency. Calling all friends, family, & contacts of any, every, and no particular faiths alike. My 2nd oldest grandson was topping out a tree today as part of a job he was doing to pay the bills and feed his family, and he fell to the ground. He is now in a hospital near his home in Florida. He's suffering from fractured vertebrae, but thankfully no broken ribs or any lung punctures. The doctors are running him through multiple MRIs hoping to spot any additional injuries before surgery in the next day or so. He is awake, aware, and has feeling in his legs and feet. His Mom is going to be on her way there shortly, but it is an 11 hour drive for her. Prayers, good vibes, healing energies, or whatever is your cuppa would be appreciated and welcomed.

He's a good boy, just trying to provide for his wife and kids, but he's had an accident. He needs whatever we can give. Take a moment please, and send whatever well wishes you can to my Grandson Johnathon Brian Dove. I'll join you as soon as I can wipe the tears away.

"Extremely difficult- Virtually impossible- However, it should only take me ten minutes or so..."
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Post March 21, 2017, 09:52:00 AM

Re: RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

Sorry to hear about your grandson Dan. Bad news now matter how the words are arranged. But thankfully there have been massive strides made in the treatment of back injuries. Hopefully his injuries will heal with the care of trained professionals.

And, as you have shown, Johnathon has a support group with you and the rest of the family. This in and of itself is very powerful healing medicine.

Hopefully he has insurance and if working for a company, workmans comp.

Some healing energy from here to there.
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Post March 22, 2017, 06:28:38 AM

Re: RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

Stay strong!!!

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Post November 18, 2018, 06:37:47 AM

Re: RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

Aftercare Matters:

This note is from my current study. I hope it helps.

- ---------------

Anubis was holding a Teaching Lecture, until he Paused, and Blinked.

It is *quite* difficult to get Anubis to Blink.

"My Audience, we have a Visitor or two. I must Think."


"Visitors, Permision to Borrow your Minds to Fully Engage my abilities?"

With some hesitation, the lead speaking visitor granted some of this.

"Thank you. Pardon an Unclear Word or two. You apparently have succeded in partially Time Binding a source of help most of your contemporaries have discarded or forgotten. Permit me a Sahara Dry witticism, I do think this also needs Thoth. We are a pair."

A few minutes passed until that Scion arrived.

Anubis chuckled. This was going to be *fun*, in the deepest sense of Laughter Medicine.

"Indulge me in another long sentence or two, then we shall attempt some more direct advice.

This Situation, Made me Blink. My duty, as a Judge, is to Blink. Thoth is the Scholar half of the pair. Healing takes *Both*.

In a Related Way, the Writer/Editor/Scion of something apparently enlisting some very good other Writers, is in tandem applying for help for a badly injured person. One of your Writers, ... promoting by ... "Cordwainer Smith" (Thoth remarks that Corwainer was an ... old to you, new to us, word for LeatherWorker), understood this *Ferociously* well.

Intermission for the song.
Lead Presenting Singer Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply
Judith Durham
and then ... apparently a mid level Australian Dreamtime "Expert or higher" named Manda Yunupingu.
(Thoth remarks: A, Names Matter, and Expert vs Master is Difficult!)

"Gentlemen, to your Honor, I had to Blink. And I have Thought. And now I urge you to Think. At a quicker pace, here we go.

"It's when you realize that at the first level, it is a nice song. And then the Name bothered you. There Was More.

"Because Russell Hitchcock is a Thunder Tenor. The Humility Under Strength is the Lesson. Thoth, Take it Away!"

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Post November 18, 2018, 08:53:10 AM

Re: RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

(Scribe Note:
Anubis granted us this Right a Fair while back; the Injured Man needs to Study it.
The Institutions surrounding the Patient Round Down. But the best of your culture including some of us Round Up. He wants to Get Better. To do that, *at least some* of those parts of improvement need to *deeply* come from every last bit of Embodied Wisdom he has.)

Thoth Resumes:


Medical Intakes are Dangerously NOT Future-Casted.

We picked this for our lead song.
Russell Hitchcock of the prior song, - covering Without You.

Upon sadly apparent severe cultural risks to OverStatement, Institutional Medicine Rounds Down.

But to Heal, the Patient needs to Round Up. Including asking us!

In this song, "Without You", the title reveals nothing.
So the analog Medical Intake of the Patient reveals nothing.
But the Patient HAS to SOMEHOW follow his version of *either, both, or more* of these tracks:
A. We know who Russell Hitchcock is; he dropped 68% of his song range for "We Are Australian"
B. I know how the original song is built; I Trust Russell's SongMaster Integrity; What Octave is he Starting At? What happens at Min 2:16!!?

So, Thank you!
And if this still holds import at this time, we and the Scribes have further notes!

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Post November 18, 2018, 10:07:47 AM

Re: RED ALERT! Injured Grandson...

(Scribe Note:)
(This is becoming part of our system. We have Scribe Rights)

"What would a Transformational Shamanic Buddhist see in a Classical Christian Gospel song? ... Same as the crew worked on above:
Gorgeously brilliant songwriter backed by a Thunder Bari-Tenor and from mid way on we almost agree!!"

John Schlitt reports that his assignment/invite to Petra wholly reduced his despair at parts of life.
But our point is the man is another Thunder Singer! Be a Thunder Singer in your life!"

Junior Scribe Note:
Eighteen-Sec into Min-36. 1:36 That's not the face of someone Trolling.
He might miss A note but ONLY one.
He's a Thunder Singer and he Knows it.
Find that!

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