Poem: To My Future Self by S. T. Eleu

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Poem: To My Future Self by S. T. Eleu

Nice commentary on the varying kinds of mistakes we make in life.

Some of them are trivial, like misplacing or losing stuff. But interspersed are things like the cancer remarks. Cancer is one of those diseases in a strange category, it sorta creates hushed tones in conversations, and is up there in the "why does this have to happen" category.

I'd like to think that science, when it maybe spends about five years cleaning a bit of the politics away, could make a few breakthrough strides. Already a few studies are coming in, in various places, that unusual things besides too much suntanning and smoking can contribute to cancer.


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Re: Poem: To My Future Self by S. T. Eleu

Thanks for the post: A lot of people talk about time travel addressing the big issues (correcting courses of war, eradicating evils, introducing tech before its time); but I think that it's the smaller things that add up that people would correct first. In my own life, I would not have worried about taking a day off or two to go and see a doctor to address those odd pains in my side. That small investment would have saved me months of hospital time. Then again, maybe a time traveler can go back and change the course of the way funding works for medical research . . . and bring out that cure (that may already exist) now. The old V TV series addressed this (I believe), when the aliens revealed to the public that our own scientists (for political and capital reasons) were sitting on the cure for monetary gain.

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