Flash: Spoon Control by Joshua Berkau

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Post August 05, 2015, 01:41:10 PM

Flash: Spoon Control by Joshua Berkau

Okay, here's an even more direct time stamp!

"6 A.M., Monday, March 13, 2004. Samuel Dazzeri, a fifteen year old Goth kid, walked in the automatic doors of his school’s gym."

There are probably some four or five good ways to do them, so I won't try to figure that out today. The main thing that tends to bother me is "un-named people saying things in vague ways". This one looks pretty clear, so off we go!

It takes a little bit to determine that this definitely has spoof elements on our current "over-security" culture! A fifteen year old kid could definitely make something that can give cheerios quite a sting! But as you look on, the over-formalized name of Rapid Fire Spoon invented by a *physician* shows that surreal and/or satire elements are going on here.

Interesting to note is that there is no dialog. So over in the contest section for flash, it would get a zero! But except for the past tense incident, there's no plot, so it resolves into some kind of public relations piece, maybe an email memo or a flier.

But pretty clever!
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Post September 03, 2015, 01:21:17 PM

Re: Flash: Spoon Control by Joshua Berkau

A spoof on gun control, with the feel of a public service announcement. This parody/farce approach works great, but I often see it taken to more length than it can support. It's only funny for a short while. To me, parody/farce works like a short sprint, and I think this one ran a little too long.

Still, it was a fun read.
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