Halloween 2015 Flash

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Re: Halloween 2015 Flash

jto wrote:
TaoPhoenix wrote:Does the being who took on Shirime wish to be known? I am fascinated, because that is the one I worked with last year!

Did you, being, see my prior effort? Has that provided any small inspiration? Do you want to trade notes? Only four taken and *that one* from *last year* was one of them!? I picked it last year because I had an instant vision to do some three or four things with one story all at once. So for a being to pick that entity twice in a row out of all the choices... means something ...

In some of the fanzines and author's notes and general commentary from the 1960's, this was called a writer's "discussion".

I selected Shirime.
I have not read any past Halloween issues.
If you are really keen for me to incorporate something from your story and the editor does not object, then please provide a link and I may consider it.

Naw, almost the opposite, I'm not so keen for you to incorporate something, so much as I feel one of the understated parts of writing maybe can be called "meta writing" or "writer's discussions". I was surprised because of the really big list that Eddie put together for this year, *and then added back last year's set*, with only some four entries taken ... you picked that one.

And I also consider that character among a few others as a bit "flat", aka the "special point" is a bit narrow and tricky to write for/upon. But echoing sentiments I have come across the last few years, because it was for the 'Zine, I did it under my full name and went after some big issues.

(I mostly use Tao here because I noticed a long time ago forum posts show up in "boring web searches" and as a decade long strategy that almost worked, it keeps it all out of people's hair when bored HR reps or other people search me.)

http://www.aphelion-webzine.com/flash/2 ... irime.html

So I think it is medium important for writers to know some of what else "has been done before". Then somehow it makes successive stories richer because the new ones are written knowing other takes on the ideas.

For a "lesser being" with a rather odd defining characteristic, my story came to me essentially all at once.
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Re: Halloween 2015 Flash

Gimme dat Dybbuk!
KNEEL before Zod!

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Post September 16, 2015, 12:37:49 PM

Re: Halloween 2015 Flash

Just checking in about deadlines.

My health came back up again today, so I want to try to stick a date back up in my mind roughly when to be done.

It might only be 80% as grand as I hoped, because I didn't get to do as much background research as I wanted, but I did find a new direction to take it in and I think I can get it good enough for the issue!

(And one of these months before the next ice age, the idea has room to be in the zine in one of the longer categories, which one early calc showed, some of the scope started to be too much for the Flash word limit.)

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