Singularity by Botond Teklesz

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Singularity by Botond Teklesz

I am never quite sure if sometimes your pieces confuse me because you are writing in a second language or because they always seem a bit Kafka-esque. I always look at your stuff first when I see it posted and I never comment till I read it several times. You have a perspective that is definitely your own. I guess the acid test is I always read your stuff and you keep me wondering what you will do next. Because you always do flash I am always willing to take a chance on a short read even though your work is a bit surreal most times. You definitely have your niche Botond. Kudos again this month on being featured.
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Re: Singularity by Botond Teklesz

I saw what seems to be an inconsistency: in paragraph 2, Koepke decides to smoke some weed, but in paragraph 3, it's heroin. If he did both (which would be understandable), you failed to say so.

I like the job you did describing his mental state once all the alcohol and drugs kicked in. Then some friendly alien tries to say hello and gets a dial tone. Maybe one day we'll get to hear some of the jokes they tell about us.
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