Feature: Fool's Journey by Gwen Knighton

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Feature: Fool's Journey by Gwen Knighton

Thanks to Rob for reminding me that the 'Features' tab exists!

An interesting little article, it reminded me of some of the convoluted paths my ideas have taken before emerging as a story. I sometimes explain the background to a particular story on my blog, but just as often it's almost impossible to say where or how all the bits and bobs came together.
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Re: Feature: Fool's Journey by Gwen Knighton

Writers are eccentrics, eh?

Let's see, am I an eccentric?  I collect medieval sword replicas, and I've even made my own armour (some leather pieces and a coat-of plates).  What, not everybody collects these things?  Now, I like historical stuff, collecting things with all sorts of funny spikes, skulls, and horns, now that's weird!

**You know what, I'll let you in on a little secret, my swords aren't even really sharp!  They look nice, though, and handle fairly well, too!**

I watch Doctor Who.  I'm a big Doctor Who fan.  I also watch educational television.  I don't really like sports.  I think televised sports are dull.  Does that make me an eccentric?

I don't really listen to the current hip-hop on the radio.  I prefer to listen to '80s Music, Classical Music, Celtic Music, or Early and Baroque Music.  Frankly, I'm offended by some of the stuff that my neighbours listen to.  Does that mean that I'm the weirdo?

Okay, so some times I do make animal noises when the windows are open.  Well, it's better than what one of my neighbours does.  He has been known to stand out in the backyard chanting vulgar rap into a karaoke machine while smoking weed.  I don't need drugs to act strangely, I can do it whenever I want to.

**Would you believe that we just recently moved out of a deteriorating neighbourhood into a better one?  The vulgarly boisterous neighbour just moved in next door about a month ago.  I guess it's time to move again next year!**

I read books, lots and lots of books.  I read about medieval history, fairy folklore, and myths and legends.  I like the classics of fantasy literature, including the authors who influenced people like Tolkien and Lovecraft.  Actually, I prefer the older literature over the modern stuff.  I personally know of one family that doesn't have a single book in their home.  Does that make me the odd one?

I stay home so I can educate my daughter.  I want to make sure she gets a decent education.  Many people think that's quite abnormal, but I'm doing what I think is best for my kid.  Is that really so strange?  

I write science fiction, fantasy, and horror poetry.  I've written scifaiku and speculative sonnets (still working on getting the sonnets just right), as well as more free-form works.  I've written everything from romantic pieces about a man's love for an alien, through alien vampires, to atmospheric pieces based on the darker side of fairy folklore.

Hmm, maybe I am eccentric after all.  You know what, I would rather be eccentric than normal! ;D

Mu hoo hoo ha ha ha, mu ha ha ha, ha ha ha, hee hee hee!    
"I'm going to do what the warriors of old did. I'm going to recite poetry!"

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