Post February 08, 2019, 06:30:59 PM

Re: The February 2019 issue is now live!

I felt it an important matter to bring to light to simmer the pot to clip frogs nails...

Noticed the little alien invader at the bottom of this months issue was being hovered over by yet another tow OTHER alien lifeforms-ship.

It seems that 'Top Secret' and 'FOR EYES ONLY'...have been yet again, comprimizzzed!

Those two red ships are on a secret mission and as luck/fate would have it, they were flying by at the EXACT same moment as the alien was taking a selfie WHILE traveling through a universe...

Now because the team at Aphelion USED the 'classifed that if you get caught reading this we'll drive up to where you live and say "trust me" picture... The fate of the entire galaxy of stories, just may impact the price shellers on yonder Gort!