Post March 20, 2018, 11:39:54 AM

Re: March 2018 Flash Fiction Contest - The Results

Good bunch of stories. Two of them were a complete tie for me but as it was pointed out, only one vote.

Voting is a personal choice made by a personal perspective. Much like all of life. Politics. Religion. Economics. Everyone votes by their own life styles.

Words can be muddy when mixed with other words. Too much, 'mix' in the recipe and it dulls my mind. The same words used sparingly can be very tasty indeed.

Flash fiction is a recipe that is tilted in the favor of a tasty recipe. 1000 words or less makes a writer tell a story with just the right words (that is, right words in the writers opinion)

It is nice Jim is setting up the challenges and nice that some writers rise to the occasion . And of course, the readers get to taste the recipes with their minds.