Post March 14, 2018, 11:13:22 PM

The Plague Wind by Travis Knight

The intro worked for it got me interested after reading the first sentence. All through this story the description of all events, the storm, thoughts and feelings, places and actions reminded me of literature that one would read in Charles Dickens’s time. A good technique for this story is fantasy but set in an older time since the many references to the wooden ship and the lanterns would indicate that.

I liked the story. From beginning to end it kept me interested and I wanted to hear more stories. The way the stories were told help me visualize the table and ship's galley. Nice.

Good dialogue that was believable. I recommend all to read this one, for the action centers around two individual Greor and the flute player. With good writing techniques and believable dialogue the author put us into the story as if we were sitting at the table listening to the stories told and hearing the flute. I could almost hear the flute, feel the storm and water seeping in!

Very nice job!!
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