Post August 07, 2017, 03:26:35 PM

Escape from Shadow Town by Vincent Lakes

I'd like to thank Aphelion for this recognition and support. I'm currently sending out query letters to literary agents in an effort to get my debut novel out somewhere. I just began writing my second novel, so times are indeed exciting for me. Escape from Shadow Town, like so many of my short stories, is linked in one way or the other to my world's history. To make it short, there is a time period called an "eclipse", which lasted little over a hundred years, during this time the sun did not shine upon the land once, and slowly became a myth as the generations passed. This story is placed towards the end of the eclipse, and is very close to the time where my planned grand trilogy will begin, which will eventually lead to the end of this era. It's dark and it's grim, containing some unspeakable atrocities, which made me question myself if it made any sense to offer this work anywhere. But I knew there are people, a lot of people in fact, who like it gritty and dark, and therefore I ran with it. I'm glad Aphelion saw the beauty behind the veil of dark and gave me this chance.

If you have comments, feedback or questions, I will do my best to answer them all. I'm currently very busy writing new material, but I will make the effort to visit here as often as I can.

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Vincent Lakes - Medieval high fantasy