Post March 24, 2017, 02:37:09 PM

Journey to the Other Side by Gordon Rowlinson

Nice prose, keeps your interest, it's "fun" while tackling some important themes. Some physicists do speculate it is possible to traverse a black hole --- but wouldn't it be like hitting a solid wall of neutrons at a gazillion parsecs per hour?

Also, why does SciFi have so many criminals and psychopaths as space pilots? Gene Roddenberry was fond of writing the occasional space criminal into the plot of Star Trek. I believe it's good to do this, since wherever mankind travels, his flaws will follow him.

Lastly, might I respectfully suggest a twist to the ending... since the T-Rex is probably a parallel universe version, maybe it eats Cash then returns to his high-tech "hunting lodge" to discuss his "score" with his other highly evolved T-Rex buddies.... they could even give each other a "high claw".

Thanks for an entertaining story.
Glenn Diamond