Post December 23, 2016, 07:03:54 PM

Exit Strategies by Jonathan Beale

I have no idea what this poem is about, but it's cool and strange!! Maybe I generally don't like poetry, but the imagery on this one is pretty vivid.

Can anybody venture a guess?

Here's the poem:

Exit Strategies
by Jonathan Beale

After years and years

She planned and planned and planned

The train ticket sits - looking back at her - a loaded gun.

On the top: the dog desiring a walk

The stumbling block trips once or twice even more

If required.

There are other worlds beneath the dead leaves —

- scuffed by -

Mindless boots chugging along and along for too long.
The dog can rely on a message from his own private language.
He cannot read Wittgenstein

Yet knows his mind.