Eddie's Lousy Saturday by Susan Anwin

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Eddie's Lousy Saturday by Susan Anwin

For such a downer, this was a fun story. The old woman was especially amusing. The story did take a darker twist in the last half and I wish it would have come back to the lighter note.
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Re: Eddie's Lousy Saturday by Susan Anwin

I was ok with the dark ending, and I really liked the old lady.

What I didn't understand is with the powers she clearly had, why did she have to trick him into going? Is that a mythology rule, that the subject has to choose to go, or something?
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Re: Eddie's Lousy Saturday by Susan Anwin

Nice job, particularly on the imagery. I definitely got a chill. If I'm not mistaken, Eddie was already dead from the beginning...? Was this foreshadowed by the missing roommates and empty street? I envisioned that final part of the film "The Devil's Advocate" where Keanu Reeves walks downtown and he's the only person in the city.

Thank you!
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Re: Eddie's Lousy Saturday by Susan Anwin

Awesome reading your theories, guys :wink:

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