Bot Babe by C. E. Gee

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Post October 08, 2016, 12:34:35 PM

Bot Babe by C. E. Gee

An interesting story about robots trying to take over the earth. There leader has been used by a human, and it used him to help in the attempt. The attempt failed.

The story was clear and easy to understand.

Nice one.
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Post October 10, 2016, 08:43:58 PM

Re: Bot Babe by C. E. Gee

I liked two things about this story:

1. That the robot is consistently referred to as "it;" and

2. that while the robot had gained vast amounts of knowledge, it retained an innocence and naivete

I would have liked the scene with the housebot to have been to have been fleshed out a little: how did the two robots make contact; why did Sarah follow the housebot's directions.

But I found the fact that Sarah doesn't become a master strategist wonderful. The bot's naive enough to kill a man and mount a revolution with a tiny, unconnected band of farmbots without any apparent larger world view or coherent game plan. This makes the story unexpectedly tragic.

Nicely done

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