This Quintessense of Dust by Mary-Jean Harris

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This Quintessense of Dust by Mary-Jean Harris

There's a lot to this story. Very well written and with just then right amount of "challenge" to the reader. Probably takes at least two readings to get the full effect. I'm of the opinion that a good story should leave the reader with at least a few unanswered questions, ones that allow room for our imagination to resolve.

Ms. Harris displays a satisfying knowledge of philosophy and forms some wonderful images in the reader's mind. I especially love the exploration of metaphysical puzzles, which are becoming more and more intertwined with science. The most fascinating debates in the world today involve the intersection of physics, metaphysics, and theology. The 19th century backdrop of this story just makes it more interesting.

Very nice indeed. Thank you!!
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Re: This Quintessense of Dust by Mary-Jean Harris

It's probably not a story genre I would read but, after reading this, I suspect I am dong myself a dis-service. Well worth it for the writing and the depth under the main characters, there is a feeling of 'believability' about them that is satisfying.
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Re: This Quintessense of Dust by Mary-Jean Harris

Oh, I loved this. Very steampunk-esque with Shakespeare and homunculi and the deep philosophical questions. It was fun and deep, but not preachy or heavy-handed at all. And it left me wanting more without feeling like it left anything out which is, I always find, the delicate balance that a good short story should strive to achieve.
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Re: This Quintessense of Dust by Mary-Jean Harris

What I liked about this story was the unspoken courage it took for the two investigators to step into a potentially dangerous situation—and that the story didn't devolve into a display of violence. At the end, we're still left with some uncertainty about the identity of the homunculus and its ultimate end.
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