The Center by Rick Witherow

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The Center by Rick Witherow

An interest take on vampires. To kill them, become one—I like that idea. The Good vampires verses the bad ones.

The story held my interest, and that's always a plus. The intro worked------got my interest in the first paragraph with the knife slicing the index finger in order to attract vampires. The story of the protagonist's early life set the stage for his later actions. To be trained in intelligence and possibly being assigned to a ranger company would definitely help in searching out vampires. Also to be stationed in Germany close to Romania to learn first hand about vampires, becomes an added bonus for basic vampire stocking! Nice.

I don’t think that I ever read anything about ‘safe homes’ for vampire children or for vampires
dissidents. Years ago my daughter watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I watched it a few time with her. That’s about the most I know about ‘modern vampires’ as opposed to the old Bella Lugosi movies of witch I really loved when younger. Even vampires should evolve with what the future brings.

Rick wrote a nicely crafted story, one that held my interest, and one the wasn’t a disappointment at the end. The dialogue worked and the scenes played out in my mind.

Good job.
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Re: The Center by Rick Witherow

The author's description of characters, setting and action is powerful. He goes into great detail on the smallest traits painting a complete picture, almost a literary movie. Vampires is not usually my cup of blood, but I knew that going in from the earliest development of the story and I liked the author's style so I wanted to continue reading.

Jud is on a quest to rid his world of vampires, the creatures who killed his parents in front of his eyes when he was a boy.

I really liked this passage;

He needed to confront the foul creature with his own power against that of the creature. Seeing the horror on its face, when it met its executioner at the peak of its power, gave Wechsler the satisfaction he needed.

The author set up the villains of the story well so the reader is wanting to see their destruction.

The main character has a chance to see the perspective from the other side of his enemies life, which causes him to rethink the emptiness of revenge.

The story is well written and professional, what you'd expect to pay for at a bookstore.

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