Synchronicity by Roderick D. Turner

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Synchronicity by Roderick D. Turner

I liked this story. I think the author has an ear for dialog, it was well-paced and had a nice twist at the end.
I would make one suggestion though. I think the bit with the strange clothes at the beginning is unthematic and not relevant and should be omitted. It throws the reader off because it seems to say right at the outset that this is a story about dressing in a strange way, and that's not what the story is about at all.
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Re: Synchronicity by Roderick D. Turner

Disagree, the clothes play a role, an attitude.

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Re: Synchronicity by Roderick D. Turner

I suppose the gaudy clothes support the assertion that the narrator does not want to "blend in," so I have no problem with that.

The humor lightens the load, the story is well structured, and the plot resolution is satisfying.

Very good.
Cary Semar
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Re: Synchronicity by Roderick D. Turner

I've made it kind of a policy not to join the conversation in the forums surrounding my stories in Aphelion, but I was fascinated by the current discussion around the significance of Jessica's clothing in Synchronicity. As I've pointed out in my bio, I prefer to let my characters write the story. I began writing Synchronicity without the title, and no conception of what I would write. From the opening line, I had a real sense of my protagonist, and the clothing totally spoke to her nature. Fiercely independent, both stared at and shunned for her brazen flaunting of that distinctiveness, thriving on the negative attention which only strengthened her resolve to continue setting herself apart. Yet as a result of the compulsion to be different, lonely and isolated, needing to be needed. All of this, represented through her attitude and her purposefully garish garb, set the tone for the story. And from there, Jessica more or less wrote the story herself (after all, she's a very distinctive character in search of purpose and recognition).

But without the loud clothes, the distaste of those around her, the way she almost fed off that negative energy, this story would not have been written. Or if it was, it would have been quite different. Who's to say what alternate timeline we might have been in now if it had not been for that overly-bright wardrobe? And isn't it a great irony - the very fabric of people's existence, threatening to tear itself apart, held together by someone most people would rather pretend was not there at all.

Thanks for reading.

Roddy Turner

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