Against All Odds by Dan L. Hollifield

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Against All Odds by Dan L. Hollifield

Here we have another example of a framing story: a tale of danger and cleverness delivered within the setting of the most famous bar in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Nothing too serious here; it starts with a patron named Septodon delivering an insult to one of the favorite regulars, Kazsh-ak Teir. Kazsh-ak's response is the real story, and he tells of an incident early in his career. A lot of it is humorous, but I especially liked the tactical and technical details. Much of the humor comes from Kazsh-ak's dialog with his ship's AI. There are also some stirring speeches exchanged between him and the beleagured colonists of his species. The scope of the setting (both within the bar itself and within Kazsh-ak's story) is impressive. The ending was unexpected and gave me a good laugh.

If I were to find fault with this story, I'd say that it seemed as though everything happened too easily, both with the details of Kazsh-ak's experience, and with Septodon's change of attitude.

This one's on the house, but if you like the Mare Inebrium universe (and I don't know how you couldn't) Dan has a whole book full of new ones out, all his own.
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Re: Against All Odds by Dan L. Hollifield

The thing to remember about Kazsh-ak's stories is that events may not have occurred exactly as he recounts them. :) He rarely puts himself in a bad light. Methinks the tale has been improved in the retelling, LOL!

This story was meant to be in the book, but the publisher messaged me to say that we had enough wordage for him to run with about the time I'd reached the halfway point in writing it. I had to stop to do proofreading of the PDF version of the book, send in a few corrections where the formatting got strange in the file conversion, etc. Once that was done, I could go back to the story. That may have put a slightly visible seam between the two bursts of composing the story. One thing I liked was pushing the boundaries of the D'rrish language. That wasn't planned, Kazsh-ak just started dropping D'rrish words in as he told me the tale. It added a bit of color to his personality, so I kept it. :)

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