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The Gray Hole by Gareth D. Jones

Wow, no one's reviewed this yet?<br><br>Okay, I'll start. This is an example of Hard Science Fiction, chockfull of equations and science terminology. What's the difference between this and Six Lights off Green Scar? Well, the science is integral to the theme and explained in great detail.<br><br>** SPOILERS AHEAD **<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>I liked the concept of the story. The reader wonders if Dom is insane right up until the end, although I personally guessed the outcome. I think more description of the cramped ship and further erratic mannerisms would have added substance to Dom's enigmatic behavior. Instead of being told why he could possibly be psychologically unbalanced, we could see for ourselves how it could happen (showing vs. telling). Then, at the conclusion, the reader truly doesn't know what the message will be. Did Dom destroy the ship? Did he discover a sentient race?<br><br>I enjoyed Commander Ruhiger's desire to be a poet. Little things like that add depth to the characters.<br><br>I thought the dialogue was well-done. The story was a bit slow-paced, but that fits in with hard sci-fi. I think there needs to be more description. I didn't get a visual feel for the ship or the gray hole. For the latter, it's explained well in mathematical terms, but what about seeing it (er, or not seeing it) with one's own eyes?<br><br>I found a couple spelling errors, but nothing major. Overall, I enjoyed the story. Good job!<br>
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