The Process By Mike Wilson

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Post July 08, 2011, 08:39:07 AM

The Process By Mike Wilson

Martin couldn't have sent his process from his phone before going down to his car? And how did the other guys even know he had it?

There's definitely a few plot holes in here.
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Re: The Process By Mike Wilson

I don't think he realized that sending the file was urgent -- until people started chasing him.
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Re: The Process By Mike Wilson

I did notice one glaring inconsistency . . . he's in his house, trying to send the message, and hears a bunch of gunfire against the house, and glass shattering -- and in the very next paragraph, it says the windows are bullet-resistant.

Gotta watch the details . . .

Also, I've got to wonder why the 'former energy magnates' might keep on trying to kill him even after the process is in widespread use. I'd think they'd just go off and try to find some other way to gouge the public.
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