Post March 24, 2011, 02:10:07 PM

A Second Coming by E. A. Moore

Stanley and Livingston . . . cute, but shouldn't that have been Livingstone?

An interesting romp . . . the author speculates on the spread of intelligence through space by meteor-borne spores. I felt that he got off into too many tangents, though, and that the romantic development between the humans was a little hurried, perhaps. This gave the story a feeling of being a bit less focused than I'd like. Too many things going on at once.

Plenty of adventure, though, of various kinds.

I had a problem with the cat being without a heartbeat for over twenty minutes; that's brain-death. Also, it seems sensible to expect that Stanley (and then his GF) should have gotten infected by the spores before he/they could experience the telepathy.

A fun read, though.
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