Frozen Garden by Rick Grehan

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Frozen Garden by Rick Grehan

This is an excellent piece of work. The only thing I could find wrong with it was that there were one or two misplaced words.

This author could have been a fan of Ray Bradbury. It's that kind of SF. Read it, you'll see.
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Re: Frozen Garden by Rick Grehan

Thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Any positive comparison with Ray Bradbury, no matter how indirect, is high praise in my book. (And I am a Bradbury fan. I think "Martian Chronicles" and "Dandelion Wine" would be my Bradbury favorites.)

I apologize for the misplaced words. I should have had my wife -- who is a copy editor par excellence -- do a second reading. I'm sure she would have caught them.
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Re: Frozen Garden by Rick Grehan

This is my favorite story this month. It’s worthy of a pro submission. I can’t find any substantial flaws with how it was written. It’s a real work of art. The characters, the dialogue, the plot, even the science. All top notch. This should be nominated for Best of Aphelion at the end of the year.

Excellent, excellent job!
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