Early Warning Chaos

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Early Warning Chaos

For an alien invasion(?) story in which nothing gets blown up and nobody gets eaten, vaporized, or probed*, read Chris Sharp's latest tale of weirdness that could only happen in California (in one of the 50 Weirdest Towns in America, no less)...


(*Thereby ensuring that it will never be made into a movie by Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, or Roland Emmerich.)
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Re: Early Warning Chaos

So: we can expect it to be optioned by M. Night Shamalayan?
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Re: Early Warning Chaos

I have to ask: what’s the point of this story?

There’s no unifying theme. There’s a unifying character, Taylor Anglim, but he’s written as a buffoonish Rain Man/Barney Fife amalgam. The story floats from one character’s first person perspective to the next regarding Taylor. There’s a running gag that no one believes him regarding the aliens. I guess you can view the piece as satire, but the humor isn’t strong enough to carry the story. There just isn’t enough meat, so to speak.

Also, I have to wonder why the aliens would be floating. Why would Taylor state that they come from a planet 1.5 times larger than Earth? Assuming he’s talking about circumference-- and my math might be off-- but that would mean a planet about 3.5 times more massive. So whether he’s talking 1.5x or 3.5x, I don’t understand why these creatures would be floating. It could be that Taylor is just an idiot. I just wish someone would have called him on it.

Like a couple other stories this month, this one seems incomplete. The writing itself is okay, although it’s lacking a bit in description. I can see the world, but I don’t really hear it or feel it.
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