My Sister by Richard Tornello

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My Sister by Richard Tornello

This is a cute idea - and it probably happens more often than not. Somewhere during a child's life they come to believe that their sibling is a robot or a werewolf or and alien. Richard brings it to the forefront by having a grampa who aags him on, claiming the sister will 'reboot' eventually. I understand this grampa - I told my granddaughter that the police hauled away my car because they liked it so much they wanted to drive around in it. For several months she'd say, "Nene, are the police still driving around in your car?"
I understand the characters in this piece about family - it's a fun poem, indeed.
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Re: My Sister by Richard Tornello

This was not one of my better ones. I redid it , again, after I read it in the zine

My Sister
by Richard Tornello
My granpa is a scientist, so I think he knows best.
My mother says my granpa can really be a pest.
When she crashes in to walls and on the floor she falls
My granpa says my sister is a robot,
and as you see da software’s here’s default.
I tell everybody that I meet in the school and on the street.
They look at me so kindly and smile oh so sweet.

When she, in the mid night cries
Granpa say she’ll reboot.

But daddy hollars “Quiet!” Cause
both he’s going to shoot!”

I know others have the same.
My sister Kendall is her name.
And I see on the screen’s video
that Barbie as her Kendall too.

Maybe she is a beta, like granpa says she is
And we can return her for an upgrade
when the next model is made.
In the mean time
I have yet to find the button off.
And believe me how I’ve tried.
But every time I push, she cried.

Mommy says don’t listen to granpa,
She’s not a robot sweetie.
She’s your sister, and her... her you can’t reboot.
One more thing I know,& mommy said to me
she’s going to put her boot
into that crazy gray old coot.

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