Lost In Time, By Richard Tornello

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Lost In Time, By Richard Tornello

Okay, folks. . .so I finally made it to the Poetry section.

The first poem I read was Richard's.

So sue me, we have a certain bond.

And Holy Freakin' Cow. . .he blew me away with this one.

I've read all of Richard's poetry that he's put on this site, but nothing he's done to this point has touched my soul like Lost In Time, did.

Wow!!! (Sorry George. . . .I know my comments about exclamation points. . . .but THIS is the time for them. It gives them some meaning.)

Again. . . .WOW!!!

First of all, Richard, you started with other senses than sight. . . .perfect.

Then you used one of the coolest juxtopositions I've ever seen. . . .:

Life is a mistake, no intent, just a missed take.

Ab Fab. . .man. . .really. Blew my socks off.

Maybe it's shared pain. . .maybe I just get it.

But I know I want what you are talking about in this one. And I know I haven't found. . .earned or bought it. And I've tried all three.

Don't know. . . .don't really care. Just loved your poem.

Best thing you've done, to date (IMHO)

More please.

I mean really. . . . .please?



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Post February 13, 2012, 10:17:55 AM

Re: Lost In Time, By Richard Tornello



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