Teacher 417 by Eric Jackson

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Teacher 417 by Eric Jackson

I liked this story because the subject matter and plot are reasonably fresh and unusual. It has a little twist of irony at the end, reminiscent of old Twilight Zone stories, but that didn't bother me.

Good job; it pulled me in and held my interest without distractions.
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Re: Teacher 417 by Eric Jackson

I've been quietly pondering for a long time that Education is due for some big upheavals. However, this one takes things in a nasty direction I couldn't have expected - teacher torture!

The Student# and Teacher# bit is chilling, but it's a vicious commentary on typical Net names. Throughout my 20+ year net career I have picked screen names that were unique. I always felt that having a number next to a screen name (unless carefully picked) was insulting. Like Bob2647 - you go to pick a screen name and all you think of is ... Bob? Well duh, "Bob" is taken... so you settle for the 2647th Bob? Yuck.

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