Night Owls by P. B. Hampton

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Night Owls by P. B. Hampton

This is a tricky read . . . I spent the first three-quarters or so of it wondering why the dialog all sounded so fakey. It wasn't until the end that I learned why.

Actually pretty well written, once you get through it and figure out what was going on. Kind of like a modern Twilight Zone sort of story.
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Re: Night Owls by P. B. Hampton

I knew from the first paragraph what the basis of the story was - but the twists towards the end where well worth the read. I started getting nervous for the townspeople towards the middle of the story - wondering why they would instantly trust a stranger. I was thinking that maybe the townspeople were to be feared after a while. And then the ending came along and yeah, it all made sense.
The author did a good job of interweaving together a lot the current mythology/thought on this touchy subject. I liked the ending, I did not expect it. I was afraid it was getting too silly, but the author really pulled it out. Nice job, a good read.
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