The Troll and the Maiden by Rachel Eliason

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The Troll and the Maiden by Rachel Eliason

I loved it. Good job on the use of folklore in a modern setting. It reminds so much of what I'm working on (though mine is far less light hearted). I really like Jennifer, she had a lot of personality and quirks, and the setting was original too.
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Re: The Troll and the Maiden by Rachel Eliason


Realistic dialog, believable characters, all very seamless, nothing out of place.

Her bio says she's been 'having her way with words' . . . and judging from this example, the words must have all had a good time. I know I did.

Thank you, Rachel!
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Re: The Troll and the Maiden by Rachel Eliason

I like how the intro captured one’s attention, and I liked how the story developed from that intro.

I found the writing very good with clear sentences, and with the correct amount of sentence lengths that varied.

The dialogue sounded real, and the characters and their interactions with each other also sounded real.

One thing I noticed: Street gangs do not wear cowboy boots. It is too hard to run with cowboy boots on. Street gangs wear Nikes or some other brand of running shoe.

It was a charming read with good story telling techniques, and for the most part I enjoyed it.

I’m not into trolls or high fantasy or dark fantasy, etc. I still love the old mad scientist in the basement type story, but I did enjoy this read.

a good one!
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Re: The Troll and the Maiden by Rachel Eliason

I liked this one, too. I had a little trouble with the ages of the characters, though.

For some reason I thought they were high school kids, at first. Other than one character who was a social worker, none of them ever seemed to have much of a life outside the story. I guess they were mid-twenties, or something.

One inconsistency, the boyfriend is standing by the window and she hugs him from behind then looks over his shoulder. . .isn't he at least a foot taller?

Like everyone else, I found the writing clear and the characters to be both believable, and interesting. I especially liked the twist at the end. Maybe the hulda girl gave-up her tail for the mortal who loved her?


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