Tin Indian by Joel Doonan

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Tin Indian by Joel Doonan

This is a beautiful story, very dreamlike in some ways, and rich with visual imagery. I has the feel of ancient mythology about it. The setting descriptions are marvelous and evocative, and some of the activity is rather surreal, but at the end, it is very peaceful and satisfying.

Read this; you won't be sorry.
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Re: Tin Indian by Joel Doonan

I read The Wind Tree (also in this month’s ezine) and did not care for it. So I thought I’d read Tin Indian by the same author – and I’m glad I did. Everyone knows how I hate to tear down a story that some poor author has worked so diligently over (where is that satire font) –but Tin Indian is a real gem, thankfully.

I was impressed with the amazing descriptions of the main character’s world, which can be used as a doorway into the mind this man who has recently lost (literally) his wife. The small metal Indian mechanisms at the first of the story are an interesting way to get into the tale. I’m not familiar with this fortune-telling venue, but they sound like fun, if not taken too seriously. However, if you have nothing left to lose, why not take their advice seriously and roll the dice.

The landscape of the main character’s mind is dark and depressed, and that is totally reflected in his walk home. The hopelessness of his situation is fully evident in the shared meals with his friends. The grayness of the urban landscape is on full display.

Eventually the man’s situation begins to rise giving way to a fulfilling life (?) in better world.
Great scene details make an interesting invitation to stomp around inside the brain of a person who is depressed – a well-written piece of fantasy starting from a landscape all too real. Good job.
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