Jerrod and the Undead Bucket List by Rachel Coles

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Post November 20, 2011, 09:27:39 PM

Jerrod and the Undead Bucket List by Rachel Coles

Having read this story, I'm hoping that the author will join us in discussion -- and give us more stories.

This was wonderful: wryly funny in a lot of places, sad and poignant in others. I loved some of the descriptions of what being dead was like, such as:
He confirmed his suspicions by walking up to a pretty medic and grabbing her boobs. His hands went through her shirt, her bra, and most likely through her skin and whatnot -- he didn't feel a thing, and neither did she. She ignored him and kept filling out paperwork.

Yup. In hell, Jerrod thought. Can't eat, can't even feel up a pretty woman, let alone...What now?

There's hope here, too; the main character does discover that, with help, he really can do some good from Beyond.

Beautiful descriptions. No technical errors that I saw. Great stuff. Read it!
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Re: Jerrod and the Undead Bucket List by Rachel Coles

Technically, the execution was good but I found the plot a little mundane, nothing that hasn't been done before and a little too saccharine for my taste.

What was the future for the narrator and his cohorts? Hang around his son until he died too, then the next gen? Didn't really clear up what came next if they didn't turn to greys.
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Post December 16, 2011, 11:32:29 AM

Re: Jerrod and the Undead Bucket List by Rachel Coles

Lots of charm in the story, with nice little details and descriptions that made the characters come to life. Enjoyed it.
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