Thank God It's Not Me by Ray Prew

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Post November 20, 2011, 07:58:46 PM

Thank God It's Not Me by Ray Prew

I can't help it - Zombie stories are like candy to me, so I always read them first. This one is about the clusters that have developed since the zombies started rising from the dead - I liked that. Before I forget - there's one part where a the twins are left in dead in a parking lot "leavening" them behind. I guess if you're a zombie, a real dead guy might be 'leavening' in the sun, but I figure it's a typo.
It surprises me that anyone could have anything new to say about zombies, but there are some new thoughts about the post-apocolyptic system that arises.
The story wasn't revolutionary, but it was entertaining and raised a few good ideas that made the story feel real. I liked it - fun read - but zombies are kinda my thing, ever since I became,eh...just playing peeps.
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Post November 21, 2011, 12:17:33 AM

Re: Thank God It's Not Me by Ray Prew

Any half-decent zombie story is fun, and this one is too -- fun, I mean -- and a little better than half-decent, at that.

Some nice original touches, like whacking a Z over the head with a board.
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Post November 21, 2011, 02:06:08 PM

Re: Thank God It's Not Me by Ray Prew

Nice and simple is what I can sum this up as; kind of what I was looking for this morning. The writting felt a bit elementary, but since it's a journal, was this deliberate? Otherwise it came off very brutal and cynical, fitting a post-zombie apocalypse world.

I liked the little shout outs to Romero, like the burnt out farm houses and the mall.
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