They Found Me by Robin Lipinski

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They Found Me by Robin Lipinski

Well . . .

Having been quite entertained by Mr. Lipinski's multitudinous poems here, I was excited to find out what his story-telling talents were like. Turns out (and I suppose I shouldn't be surprised), his prose is very like his poetry.

I was bothered and a little disappointed that he mixed up tenses, and that he broke the 'fourth wall,' directly addressing the reader. That's a hard thing to get away with these days, but may be a habit he carried over from poetry-writing, where it's easier to get away with things.

Those criticisms aside, his use of language makes this an easy story to read and enjoy, just for the enjoyment of language itself.
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Re: They Found Me by Robin Lipinski

Lester, seems like only yesterday...

Fourth Wall

by: Understood

Poetry, a story told to tell.
Story, a vision painted on brain cells.
Both blurred to an insect,
showing wood their teeth,
holding reality,
disappointed by only the sharp beak of death,
yet bothered by nothing,
mindless to intellect.

What is a criticism?
spective representation of a story itself,
showing the self,
depicting a chapter to taste sweet or foul.

I am the insect.
There is no wall as I can crawl them all.
I am no one
know nothing
To feed on words,
and bite those who know,
on their ass.

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