The Incantations by Richard Tornello

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The Incantations by Richard Tornello

Richard Tornello Rides Again . . .

. . . sometimes with overlong, jumbled-up sentences, but

OW! How'd you get in here? And what the hell's an HOA? Hey, get away from my keyb
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Re: The Incantations by Richard Tornello

Thanks I appreciate that.
to comment and append,
Long drawn out? Try THE FEDERALIST PAPERS,by Hamilton, Madison and Jay.
then there's a shorter work by Jefferson, which as I understand, is null and void.

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Re: The Incantations by Richard Tornello

The Town Center building, of YOUR NEW HOME TOWN, as the banner proclaimed, is presently a Planck length away from this, our universe as you and I, dear reader, experience it, and is now tightly tucked into another universe. It suddenly showed up, right the middle, and on top of an Olympic sized pool, with just a slight crash, its mass accounted for. That was followed by a monster splash, caused by displacement, a law that had to be obeyed.

The whole subdivision associated with The Town Center landed in an airfield not five miles to the north of the pool. The incantations that were cast, held for a soft arrival, so no one was physically injured, just shaken up.

One of the things I like best about a Tornello story is it's very tight satire. You can hear the sneer on the author's face - which causes us to question the very tedious, middle-of-the-road existance so many Americans shuffle through. In this 2nd paragraph he also pokes fun at the laws of nature.
I enjoyed the entire fantasy story which, as usual, as an odd modern fantasy twist on it.
Good job. A fun read indeed.
I still marvel at the difference between his prose and his poetry. Interesting to say the least.
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