Out Of Africa by David Barber

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Out Of Africa by David Barber

"Africa taught us the hard way
to heed the rustle in the grass
and the shadow in the trees;"

There's a political angle that can be applied here.

We used to call extra-cautious people "tinfoil hats", but lately there's a rise in oppression in government and corporate behavior, so now we have to listen to the grass!
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Re: Out Of Africa by David Barber

It's absolutely true that this poem has political aspirations - but there are some very personal, spiritual ones as well. There is still that voice in the back of our minds that wants to tell stories about the air, the stars, trees and animals. Beware when the elm tree tree her leaves over, because then is when the storm comes. It is hard not to personalize that which is our 'mother' - the ground that brings us food, the miracle of seeds that sprout into plants, and the sun that warms our face. The stories are there, at our beginnings, in Africa.
Since the house is on fire - at least let us warm ourselves.

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