The Hill with an Evil Heart by C. B. Lovas

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The Hill with an Evil Heart by C. B. Lovas

Well, there's some bad news coming for the writer of this story . . . I might as well go first.

1) Hilltops don't flood. They drain.

2) Glocks don't have external safeties.

3) Very -- VERY few vehicles are capable of doing what that Jeep supposedly did. And a Jeep isn't one of them.

4) The dialog is really poor. Sorry, I had to say it.

5) Where did these demons come from? And, more importantly -- WHY?

I'll let someone else take over from here . . .
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Re: The Hill with an Evil Heart by C. B. Lovas


By he had a bad day.

Kyle, can you hear me?
Demon spy, wash the rain away.
C. B. Lovas writes the story in the way he wishes to say.
Hilltops drown, turn brown, and fade away.
Glock's: Never safe when pointed your way.
G.I. Joe would disagree, a jeep is but a name for a vehicle of a countries military mid-'m'ights dream.
Rich or poor, what kind of dialogue am 'I' trying to say.
Demons, ah now, those I know well.
Coming from inside, they drown out reason to replace it with pain.
Why? Ask Kyle, it's his dream.
Kyle, can you hear me?
Kyle, are you there?
Kyle, why did you drive away?
Kyle can't answer now.
Because I've feasted on his heart, his brain.
I've taken his pain away.
The end

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