Rocker by John T. Bien

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Rocker by John T. Bien

I really liked Suzi - teacher by day and performer by night. It reminds me of the lead singer of Offspring, who almost attained a doctorate in organic chemistry (or something like that), but chose to focus on music instead.

The transition from this is "my normal life" to the paranormal slugfest over a soul was good; enough weirdness was dropped in from the beginning to have the sudden transition not seem out of left field. The ending was great as well, a downer, but it seemed appropriate, and how the character reacted balanced out the good and bad vibes of the entire ordeal.

Good word use and descriptions, especially when applied to little quirks and habits of the characters.
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Re: Rocker by John T. Bien

I think this one would have benefited from a subtler touch . . . the 'something's wrong' clues were too obvious, and confusing in their isolation from the day-to-day backdrop. Then, her students suddenly turn into sincere learners, again without a hint as to why.

Sure, all the pieces of the puzzle come together -- just not that gracefully. And then there's that battle -- too in-your-face, and over too quickly, and then Suzi relaxes too soon afterward.

For a little while after the battle scene, when Mike was acting strangely, I thought maybe the demon had entered him. Might have made for an interesting twist.

The best thing about this story is that the Bad Guy won a round.
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