The Escape by Stephanie Smith

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The Escape by Stephanie Smith

Very nice, very science-fictional poem, with a little wistfulness to it.
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Re: The Escape by Stephanie Smith

This speaks to the wish of most sentient beings to live forever, to see the end of the galaxy as it implodes in on itself. Of course Douglas Adams explored this - but this poem takes an entirely different approach. I believe that current thinking believes that the universe is ever-expanding.
Poetically - I like the Lotus Flower belief that the universe opens and closes and opens again. I know there's dark matter which may draw every back together. Am I correct in thinking the ever-expanding theory is the one currently in vogue?
I like the mental image of looking back towards the center of the collapsing galaxy as 'we' escape into a future, unfettered by the restraints of a planet. Nice mixture of poetry and science, albeit old science, perhaps.
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