Post May 01, 2011, 01:05:38 AM

#28: For the Critics by Seanan McGuire

My focus is still wavering, so even though I can't snap this whole feature into clarity, I'll lead off with a couple of points.

' There's a line between "pandering to your fans" and "making a work that is accessible and interesting enough to hold the attention of an audience." '

I struggle with this dilemma. In one sense, every arrangement of words is a concept, so if you find yourself forced to *rearrange* those words, ... it's no longer that same concept. It could be a similar concept... but it cannot be the same one. Then the dilemma becomes "Is it more important for my audience to get This Class of Concepts, or is this particular formulation necessary, and the narrowing of audience a lesser evil?"

Meanwhile, regarding different styles, I like to think of "Branding". Like an old time Pulp writer who switched pen names, it feels jarring to try to cram "experimental styles" all into one identity.

My natural style is solidly Rated-PG13, "Internet-Long" length, with book-like diction. There are folks out there who like that. (Small l, thank you very much Facebook!)

I can do some three or four experimental styles, but they are much more like doing character pieces, and I think of reading about how Marvin Lee Aday is mostly unable to sing unless he is In Character as Meatloaf.